The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [x]

You sarcastic little shit.

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If you’re not a kangaroo, what are you?

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little things that help ease symptoms of depression:

  • turn the lights on and open a window
  • eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
  • find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
  • take a long, relaxing bath
  • do yourself up in full make up and hair
  • be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
  • watch something funny on netflix
  • wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
  • immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
  • lose yourself in a really good book or movie

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You would stay with me forever, if I let you, and that is why I will always love you.

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Niall Horan at a game between Chelsea and Paris St German for the UEFA Champions League in London. April 8th, 2014

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Norman/Norma doing the same thing at the same time

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Updated bookshelf

are you kidding me

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Maslow’s Modern Hierarchy of Needs [x]

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