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What did you just say?

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"I don’t know what I thought it was gonna be. Honest to God, I did a movie and a couple of little TV shows when I was 16, didn’t do anything again, got into drama school. Then I started working pretty much immediately after drama school. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on, and I still hadn’t really decided that I was an actor. I hadn’t sort of said to myself "Right, this is the rest of my life," because you can’t, because there is still a big massive part of me saying, "What if the work dries up tomorrow? Then I’m not an actor any more," you know?"

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the hunter and the banshee

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Exclusive: The Girl Who Stole Spider-Man’s Heart

When Andrew first arrived he was introduced to a sandy-haired, four-year-old girl called Rylee Nosworthy, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

The actor took a particular liking to the shy, smiling darling as she hung back behind her parents, too overwhelmed to approach the star herself.

He spent the morning talking to her parents, Amy and Jason, trying to find out more about Rylee and watched on with a smile as they gently encouraged her into the water and onto a surfboard for the first time – this being no easy feat for a little girl whose life can be rocketed by a change in routine.

Talking about the Spider-Man star, Rylee’s mother Amy, 30, said she was blown-away by how genuine and laid-back the actor was.

“It felt like we were just catching up with friends at the beach – not meeting a celebrity,” Amy said.

“Andrew arrived early and just strolled down the beach, shook our hands and introduced himself to us and straight away started asking questions about Rylee and when she was first diagnosed with Autism.“

The rising Hollywood star spent close to two hours with the children, taking them out on the surfboards and signing merchandise, including Spider-Man branded surfboards to be auctioned off to support children with autism.

But it was a DVD that he signed for Rylee and the events that unfolded afterwards that captured everyone’s heart.

Rylee, whose struggle with normal social interaction is a daily battle, didn’t want to get a photo with Andrew and flatly refused a request for a hug, despite the actor frowning and turning his puppy dog eyes on her.

The actor joked about being rejected by the adorable infant, to which her mother quipped, “You wouldn’t get that very often.”

But his charm and gentle nature eventually wore down Rylee’s barriers resulting in a melt-your-heart moment, not even Rylee’s parents saw coming.

“Towards the end of the day he was signing The Amazing Spider-Man DVDs for the children, when he picked up Rylees and wrote, ‘I hope one day we get to hug.’”

Little did he know – his hug was coming sooner than he thought.

The little girl surprised everyone when they told her the actor was leaving. She was prompted to give him a high-five before he left but instead followed it up by running into his arms and giving him the hug he was hoping for.

“The look on his face in the pictures we captured was priceless – he really is a superhero!” Amy said.

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The Book Thief: heartwarming moments

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The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

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what’s cooler than being cool?

using your turn signal

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